Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Grails: A Quick-Start Guide is shipping!

Last week, during the SpringOne 2GX conference, I received word that was shipping pre-orders of GQuick. Then just today, I began hearing from visionary individuals that their pre-orders had arrived!

A huge Thank You to all of those who pre-ordered or who got the beta ebook. Feedback is always welcome and if you have questions or would like to see something expanded on here on the GQuick blog, drop me a line or post to the PragProg forum at

Next up, we will see how we can add some helpful features to the Task List in the "Getting Things Done" chapter. Thanks to beta reader, Johannes Deutschland for that suggestion.

Then, since Grails 1.2 is destined to be out soon, I will be working through the code to see if anything breaks in 1.2. If so, I'll post the fixes here.